Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible job at the best possible rate. To continue providing such we must follow these conditions

- Clear Sight is a handyman / skilled labour team, for specific trades jobs please hire specific trades

- When cleaning windows please close all windows firmly to make sure to keep water out

- Due to damaged seals in windows even if windows are closed they may still leak which we are not responsible for

- We will be as safe with your windows as possible but due to windows being dirty prior to start we may not see scratches, cracks, corrosion, heat damage, hard water damage, under neath the grime so therefore will not be liable for any mentioned or similar

- Paint, mortar & other construction materials are not included in regular cleaning & will be additional if requested

- Pressure washing does create some corrosion to concrete & other items, please educate yourself on these situations prior to ordering

- Landscaping items such as hedges, turf, plants & similar may come un-noticeably dying or dead from nursery so any replacements will be at additional costs 

- Any restricted items found in disposal jobs such as asbestos containing materials or similar that occur additional cost will be passed forward to service ordering entity or person & fall under same payment penalties if not paid in 1 months time

- Some items may be damaged prior to delivery , installation or similar by other companies or persons which we hold no liability for 

- We will do our best solve any repairs requested but due to what could be a larger underlying problem we do not warranty our repairs

- Due to weather conditions some jobs may be delayed due to quality or safety issues 

- To prevent injuries & damages all pets, children & adults must be indoors or at least 25 meters away from working persons 

- Jobs over $500 will require 33% upon scheduling, 33% upon delivery, 34% upon completion

- Clear Sight holds Worksafe BC insurance but is not liable for injuries due to other persons or products

- Clear Sight holds damage insurance up to $1000 which must be due to proven gross negligence 

- Late payment penalties will double costs, acquire retrieving & court fees as well as maximum allowed interest 

- Clients are responsible for obtaining all permits needed to initiate job

- Cancelled booking within 48 hour will be charged 50% of original cost

- Purchased material & deposits are non refundable

- By booking a job with us you agree to all the conditions including non liabilityto full indemnity

We thank you for your understanding & guarantee to do our best at any job!

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